[Haskell-cafe] Local types

Imants Cekusins imantc at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 10:48:55 UTC 2016

>> is this not an attempt to move module functionality inside function?
> Same counter-argument can be applied to local functions.

not quite. Let's look at the current state:

Module inside module: ok (module reexport)
Type inside type: ok (data declaration etc)
Function inside function: ok (local functions)

Type / Instance / module inside function is quite a bit different

> finer granularity than module level.
by turning function into a mini module?

Currently module does not give control over instance export. Should
this not be addressed first?

This would be a step towards more complexity in syntax. While there
may be benefits, complexity always comes at a price.

> Haskell programmers are more or less used to pay the cost of abstraction.
well should we not start thinking about keeping those costs down if
possible - performance and otherwise? Ideally, minimizing them?

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