[Haskell-cafe] ANN: stack-1.0.2

Emanuel Borsboom manny at fpcomplete.com
Mon Jan 18 04:39:35 UTC 2016

New version released of Stack, a build tool.

See haskellstack.org for installation and upgrade instructions.

Release notes:

   - Arch Linux: Stack has been adopted into the official community
   repository <https://www.archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/stack/>,
   so we will no longer be updating the AUR with new versions. See the
   for current download instructions.

Major changes:

   - stack init and solver overhaul #1583

Other enhancements:

   - Disable locale/codepage hacks when GHC >=7.10.3 #1552
   - Specify multiple images to build for stack image container docs
   - Specify which executables to include in images for stack image
   container docs
   - Docker: pass supplemantary groups and umask into container
   - If git fetch fails wipe the directory and try again from scratch #1418
   - Warn if newly installed executables won’t be available on the PATH
   #1362 <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/issues/1362>
   - stack.yaml: for stack image container, specify multiple images to
   generate, and which executables should be added to those images
   - GHCI: add interactive Main selection #1068
   - Care less about the particular name of a GHCJS sdist folder #1622
   - Unified Enable/disable help messaging #1613

Bug fixes:

   - Don’t share precompiled packages between GHC/platform variants and
   Docker #1551 <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/issues/1551>
   - Properly redownload corrupted downloads with the correct file
size. Mailing
   list discussion
   - Gracefully handle invalid paths in error/warning messages #1561
   - Nix: select the correct GHC version corresponding to the snapshot even
   when an abstract resolver is passed via --resolver on the command-line.
   #1641 <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/issues/1641>
   - Fix: Stack does not allow using an external package from ghci #1557
   - Disable ambiguous global ‘—resolver’ option for ‘stack init’ #1531
   - Obey --no-nix flag
   - Fix: GHCJS Execute.hs: Non-exhaustive patterns in lambda #1591
   - Send file-watch and sticky logger messages to stderr #1302
   <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/issues/1302> #1635
   - Use globaldb path for querying Cabal version #1647

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