[Haskell-cafe] Compose Conference Call for Participation [NYC, Feb 4-5]

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Call for Participation

Compose Conference 2016

February 4-5, 2016
New York, NY



The practice and craft of functional programming :: Conference

Compose is a conference for typed functional programmers, focused
specifically on Haskell, OCaml, F#, SML, and related technologies.

Typed functional programming has been taken up widely, by industry and
hobbyists alike. For many of us it has renewed our belief that code
should be beautiful, and that programming can be as enjoyable as it is
practical. Compose is about bringing together functional programmers
of all levels of skill and experience — from technical leads to
novices, and from long-time hackers to students just getting started.

It will feature a keynote by Eugenia Cheng on her work popularizing
mathematics, two days of great talks, and plans are underway for a
weekend hackathon/unconference.

* Invited Talks:
Eugenia Cheng: How to Bake 'How to Bake Pi': reflections on making
abstract mathematics palatable

* Local Information (venue): http://www.composeconference.org/2016/

* Accepted Talks and Tutorials

Aditya Siram: FLTKHS - Easy Native GUIs in Haskell, Today!
Austin Seipp: Cryptography and Verification with Cryptol
Kenneth Foner: 'There and Back Again' and What Happened After
Krzysztof Cieslak: Ionide and state of F# open source environment
Leonid Rozenberg: The Intersection of Machine Learning, Types and Testing
Luite Stegeman: Fun with GHCJSi
Markus Mottl: AD-OCaml - Parallel Algorithmic Differentiation for OCaml
Mindy Preston: Composing Network Operating Systems
Niki Vazou: Liquid Types for Haskell
Paulmichael Blasucci: (Nearly) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
About F# Active Patterns but were Afraid to Ask
Rachel Reese: Chaos Testing at Jet
Riccardo Terrell: Functional Reactive Programming for Natural User Interface
Stephen Compall: Add a type parameter! One 'simple' design change, a
panoply of outcomes
Stephanie Weirich: Dynamic Typing in GHC
Tikhon Jelvis: Analyzing Programs with Z3
Zvonimir Pavlinovic, Tim King and Thomas Wies: Improving Type Error
Localization for Languages with Type Inference

* Full abstracts: http://www.composeconference.org/2016/speakers/

* Registration: http://composeconference.eventbrite.com

* Follow @composeconf on twitter for news: https://twitter.com/composeconf

* On freenode irc, chat will fellow attendees at #composeconference

* Corporate sponsorships are welcome. Current sponsors list forthcoming.

* Policies (diversity and anti-harassment):

* Email us with any questions at info at composeconference.org

* Please forward this announcement to interested parties and lists.

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