[Haskell-cafe] ANN: stack-1.0.4

Emanuel Borsboom manny at fpcomplete.com
Sat Feb 20 13:51:20 UTC 2016

See haskellstack.org for installation and upgrade instructions.

Major changes:

   - Some notable changes in stack init:
      - Overall it should now be able to initialize almost all existing
      cabal packages out of the box as long as the package itself is
      - Choose the best possible snapshot and add extra dependencies on top
      of a snapshot resolver rather than a compiler resolver - #1583
      - Automatically omit a package (--omit-packages) when it is compiler
      incompatible or when there are packages with conflicting dependency
      requirements - #1674
      - Some more changes for a better user experience. Please refer to the
      doc guide for details.
   - Add support for hpack, alternative package description format #1679

Other enhancements:

   - Docker: pass ~/.ssh and SSH auth socket into container, so that git
   repos work #1358 <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/issues/1358>
   - Docker: strip suffix from docker —version. #1653
   - Docker: pass USER and PWD environment bariables into container.
   - On each run, stack will test the stack root directory (~/.stack), and
   the project and package work directories (.stack-work) for whether they are
   owned by the current user and abort if they are not. This precaution can be
   disabled with the --allow-different-user flag or allow-different-user
   option in the global config (~/.stack/config.yaml). #471
   - Added stack clean --full option for full working dir cleanup.
   - YAML config: support Zip archives.
   - Redownload build plan if parsing fails #1702
   - Give mustache templates access to a ‘year’ tag #1716
   - Have “stack ghci” warn about module name aliasing.
   - Add “stack ghci —load-local-deps”.
   - Build Setup.hs with -rtsopts #1687
   - stack init accepts a list of directories.
   - Add flag infos to DependencyPlanFailures (for better error output in
   case of flags) #713
   - stack new --bare complains for overwrites, and add --force option #1597

Bug fixes:

   - Previously, stack ghci would fail with cannot satisfy -package-id when
   the implicit build step changes the package key of some dependency.
   - Fix: Building with ghcjs: “ghc-pkg: Prelude.chr: bad argument:
   2980338” #1665 <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/issues/1665>.
   - Fix running test / bench with --profile / --trace.
   - Fix: build progress counter is no longer visible #1685
   - Use “-RTS” w/ profiling to allow extra args #1772
   - Fix withUnpackedTarball7z to find name of srcDir after unpacking
   (fixes stack setup fails for ghcjs project on windows) #1774
   - Add space before auto-generated bench opts (makes profiling options
   work uniformly for applications and benchmark suites) #1771
   - Don’t try to find plugin if it resembles flag.
   - Setup.hs changes cause package dirtiness #1711
   - Send “stack templates” output to stdout #1792


Thanks to all our contributors for this release:

   - Aaron Wolf @wolftune <https://github.com/wolftune>
   - Artem Chernyak @achernyak <https://github.com/achernyak>
   - Dan Aloni @da-x <https://github.com/da-x>
   - Daniel Gasienica @gasi <https://github.com/gasi>
   - Emanuel Borsboom @borsboom <https://github.com/borsboom>
   - Erik Stevenson @narrative <https://github.com/narrative>
   - Gauthier Segay @smoothdeveloper <https://github.com/smoothdeveloper>
   - Greg Weber @gregwebs <https://github.com/gregwebs>
   - Grégoire Détrez @gdetrez <https://github.com/gdetrez>
   - Harendra Kumar @harendra-kumar <https://github.com/harendra-kumar>
   - Mark Karpov @mrkkrp <https://github.com/mrkkrp>
   - Martin Kolinek
   - Matt Gambogi @gambogi <https://github.com/gambogi>
   - Michael Sloan @mgsloan <https://github.com/mgsloan>
   - Michael Snoyman @snoyberg <https://github.com/snoyberg>
   - Oleg Grenrus @phadej <https://github.com/phadej>
   - Eldar Yakupov @panamiga <https://github.com/panamiga>
   - Prayag Verma @pra85 <https://github.com/pra85>
   - Simon Hengel @sol <https://github.com/sol>
   - Simon Jakobi @sjakobi <https://github.com/sjakobi>
   - Tristan Webb @drwebb <https://github.com/drwebb>
   - Yves Parès @YPares <https://github.com/YPares>

And thanks also to the 150+ contributors to past releases!
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