[Haskell-cafe] Language complexity & beginners (Was: New type of ($) operator in GHC 8.0 is problematic)

Daniel Gorín dgorin at dc.uba.ar
Sun Feb 7 16:16:01 UTC 2016

> [..]
>> Data.Function could define ($) with the new type, Prelude would re-export
>> it with the old type (as a specialization)
> [..]
> Could you explain why re-exporting a specialized version is better than just
> *defining* a specialized equivalent?

I guess that for the same reasons it was considered better not to have duplicated definitions in Data.List of the more general functions in Data.Foldable? I’m just saying this seems to be another instance of a recurrent problem that we had before and that we’ll probably face again in the future. 

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