[Haskell-cafe] Month in haskell-ide-engine January 2016

Alan & Kim Zimmerman alan.zimm at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 17:47:28 UTC 2016

Welcome Haskell IDE Engine users,

Haskell IDE Engine progress report for January 2016 [1]

What is Haskell IDE Engine?

Not an IDE.

It is a common point for people in the Haskell community to pool their
efforts with respect to tooling.

For tool writers, provide tools as a HIE plugin, so it can be
available on supported IDEs

For IDE developers, integrate to HIE, and all the Haskell tools
supported as plugins become available

For users, it means the overall Haskell experience should improve.

Important developments

A new ghc-dump-tree plugin based on https://github.com/edsko/ghc-dump-tree

Current project focus

The current focus is to get the initial version working well enough
for an alpha release. To this end, there are some hardy developers
using it in their daily work in emacs.

Issues closed in January

Querying a graph database instead of using GHC-API? #10
Decide how haskell-ide project is run #13
Rework the Console #20
Use an error handler in the dispatcher #50
Protocol definition #66
(emacs) "Selecting deleted buffer" after hie buffer killed #121
emacs : process HieDiff result #132
Create a doc entry describing how to run hie with leksah #142
Create --one-shot flag to run one cmd and exit #154
Update to ghc-mod 5.5 #156
Fix warnings #159
HIE and current working directory #161
Improve error message for badly-formatted json #166
ghc-mod not properly detecting project #175
thread blocked indefinitely in an STM transaction -- Running tests #178
Create Report-2015-12.md #151
[POC] Move plugin and command names to the typelevel #152

Pull requests merged in January

Just some textual improvements #153
Starting to bring in async streaming command #155
One shot invocation #158
leksah instructions #160
Bump deps and adapt to new apis #162
Improve error messages in JSON parsing #167
Add ide-backend plugin #168
Refactor ExtensibleState #169
Ghc-dump-tree plugin #170
Fix warnings #171
Emacs: log parse error even if there is no handler #172
Add an error handler in the dispatcher (fixes #50) #173
Recreate buffers if they have been killed #174
ghc-mod 5.5 #176
Remove ide-backend #179
Move emacs tests to buttercup #180
Increase timeout for cash upload #181
Update stack.yaml for ghc-mod-5.5 and HaRe- #182
Support multiple sessions in emacs #183
Fix warnings #165
Harmonise nightly versions, install ide-backend-server #177

Contributors active in January

Alan Zimmerman, Alexey Shmalko, Cies Breijs, Griffin Smith, JP
Moresmau, Justin Wood, Moritz Kiefer


Haskell IDE Engine needs volunteers like any other open source
project. For more information see:


Also drop by our IRC channel: #haskell-ide-engine at irc.freenode.net.



[1]  https://github.com/haskell/haskell-ide-engine/blob/master/docs/Report-2016-01.md

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