[Haskell-cafe] Is there a type class for boring types?

David Feuer david.feuer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 20:28:57 UTC 2016

Because Monoid has the unfortunate instance

instance Monoid m => Monoid (a -> m)

this would work (without, of course, giving me the law I want). But the
uniqueness of the inhabitant is the real point, and there doesn't seem to
be any way to enforce that except by a stated law.
On Feb 2, 2016 2:16 PM, "insanemole ." <monkleyon at googlemail.com> wrote:

> I suspect there are a lot of classes that are almost right - and they
> might even be better suited to a particular application than the more
> generic solutions.
> The most striking for me is Monoid. 'inhabitant' looks like 'mempty',
> while 'mappend' would simply be (\_ _ -> inhabitant). What's more, almost
> all instances you mention are already instances of Monoid, so less work for
> you. Also note that there is no way to ensure that only "truly boring"
> classes will be made instances of your class, so maybe relying on Monoid is
> enough?
> Another class that comes to mind is
> class Unit m where unit :: m ()
> which is one of the fundamental classes of the functor hierarchy. (Note
> that pure x == fmap (const x) unit). Granted, it's of a different kind,
> but...
> Just this weekend I have been working on a polykinded class:
> class Reducible target r where reduce :: Proxy r -> target
> which can be seen as a generalization of Boring, Unit, Typeable, and heaps
> of other stuff. So there is probably no end to how fundamental you can be.
> Am 02.02.2016 18:41 schrieb "David Feuer" <david.feuer at gmail.com>:
>> Or, alternatively, some common class that lets me express that a type is
>> boring (i.e., inhabited by precisely one fully-defined value)? lens has
>> Settable, whose law ensures the type involved has a boring representation
>> (in the sense of representable functor), but is there a more fundamental
>> way?
>> class Boring x where
>>   inhabitant :: x
>> instance Boring () where
>>   inhabitant = ()
>> instance Boring (Proxy a) where
>>   inhabitant = Proxy
>> instance Boring y => Boring (x -> y) where
>>   inhabitant = const inhabitant
>> instance (Boring x, Boring y) => Boring (x, y) where
>>   inhabitant = (inhabitant, inhabitant)
>> instance Boring x => Boring (Const x y) where
>>   inhabitant = Const inhabitant
>> instance Boring x => Boring (Identity x) where
>>   inhabitant = Identity inhabitant
>> ...
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