[Haskell-cafe] threadDelay delays less time than expected (Windows)

Joey Hess id at joeyh.name
Fri Dec 30 17:06:00 UTC 2016

Sven Panne wrote:
> ... or even better: Absorb the functions from unbounded-delays into base. In
> their current state, I would consider both threadDelay and timeout API bugs,

>    genericThreadDelay :: Integral i => i -> IO ()

There will be a speed difference between the current threadDelay
and genericThreadDelay. If threadDelay is being used for a very small
delay, such a speed difference could matter. That's the only reason I
can see to keep the current threadDelay.

I don't know if supporting Integral buys anything over supporting only
Integer and Int. Seems like more opportunities for the user to use a
type that overflows.

see shy jo
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