[Haskell-cafe] Work on mail.haskell.org beginning, please report any problems

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Fri Dec 23 05:05:56 UTC 2016

> On Dec 22, 2016, at 11:09 PM, John Wiegley <jwiegley at gmail.com> wrote:
>> If available as a package for your O/S, might as well use 3.1
> I'll consider that a second migration, after the dust settles this time
> around. I'd need to gain experience with 3.x first on my own server, before
> being comfortable enough to do that. The 2.11-based setup I've been running
> for a month now on another server.

Wietse maintains a strong commitment to backwards-compatibility.  While
Postfix 3.0 (could equally have been 2.12) brings in new features for
distribution maintainers, with dynamically-loadable table drivers on
multiple platforms it remains compatible with 2.x releases for users.

Your 2.11 configuration will work with 3.1, you may just need to install
additional table driver packages, if your O/S maintainer has just started
delivering Postfix as multiple components.

>>> - [X] Enable postscreen for pre-queue RBL filtering
>> This makes it possible to combine multiple lower-weight RBLs, that
>> individually are not sufficient to reject mail, but you should still use the
>> SpamHaus zen RBL in smtpd(8).
> Why is it helpful to run it in smtpd as well?  I'm already using:
> postscreen_dnsbl_sites = zen.spamhaus.org*2 ...

This is because the TTLs on postscreen whitelists are rather longer
than RBL TTLs.  If an IP address is added to an RBL, you'll want to
refuse access in a timely manner.


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