[Haskell-cafe] Work on mail.haskell.org beginning, please report any problems

John Wiegley jwiegley at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 16:55:48 UTC 2016

Hello Haskellers,

Beginning today, I am upgrading our Postfix installation on mail.haskell.org,
and introducing some new options to reduce the amount of spam that hits our
mailman server.

If you experience delivery problems, or any bounced mail, please send a copy
of the full bounce message to my address: jwiegley at gmail.com. I'll be making
more changes gradually over the next few days, and watching the mail logs, but
it's possible that mail accepted before will suddenly start getting rejected,
depending on how well-behaved your sending mail server is.

Activities planned for this Christmas break are:

 - [x] Upgrade Postfix to 2.11
 - [X] Enable postscreen for pre-queue RBL filtering
 - [ ] DKIM sign messages sent from mailman
 - [ ] Implement DMARC policy (i.e., reject incoming messages improperly
       DKIM signed, or failing SPF check)
 - [ ] Prevent mail being spoofed from haskell.org addresses
 - [ ] Tighten sender and recipient restrictions
 - [ ] Re-assess inbound and outbound rate limits
 - [ ] Use SpamAssassin for post-queue filtering
 - [ ] If helpful, enable deep protocol pre-filtering
 - [ ] Document all the above, so others can help with e-mail admin

Thank you,
  John Wiegley
  Haskell.org, infrastructure team

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