[Haskell-cafe] What's the state of programming on the Xeon Phi with Haskell?

Jules Mazur julesmazur at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 20:55:53 UTC 2016

I recently gained access to a Xeon Phi (Knights Corner edition, a bit dated
but useful to play around with), and I'm interested in using Haskell to
program for the Phi platform.


Sadly, the only lead I've got about working with both technologies is a 2014
paper by Liu, et al. at Intel Research (available via [this
In a 3-month-old [Reddit
one of the authors mentions that the compiler may be released at a future
date, but implied that it will likely have some degree of instability.


Are there any libraries or compilers, or even extensions or modifications for
GHC or other existing compilers, that allow compilation for the Xeon Phi?

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