[Haskell-cafe] Haskell on OpenWRT

Patrick Pelletier code at funwithsoftware.org
Sun Apr 10 20:52:07 UTC 2016

On 4/10/16 1:03 PM, Tomas Carnecky wrote:
> You don't need a full system (gentoo) to use GHC + musl in static 
> linking mode. Just an appropriate cross-compiler toolchain.

Yeah, sorry, I was replying to both your suggestion and Lana's 
suggestion in a single email, but I didn't make that clear.  You had 
suggested the cross-compiler, while she suggested Marios Titas's build 
of GHC, which is not a cross-compiler, and therefore does need a musl 
host system.  Marios's email had made it sound like using a ghc 
cross-compiler was difficult, which is why he'd provided the musl-hosted 
compiler.  But since you had good luck with the cross-compiler, I'll 
give the cross-compiler a try.

> crosstools-ng can be configured so that the compiler always produces a 
> static build (run ct-ng menuconfig, and look through the options. The 
> UI should be familiar if you've ever used the Linux kernel menuconfig 
> facility).

Yes, OpenWRT buildroot uses the same "make menuconfig" facility. I'll 
still probably try OpenWRT's cross toolchain first, since it's already 
built and sitting in the buildroot on my host system.  But crosstools-ng 
sounds like a good fallback.

Sorry for the confusion,


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