[Haskell-cafe] ANN: stack-

Emanuel Borsboom manny at fpcomplete.com
Fri Sep 25 15:50:55 UTC 2015

New version released of stack, a build tool.

See README <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack#how-to-install> for
installation and upgrade instructions.

Note: the binary tarballs’ contents have changed, and they now enclose
their contents in a directory, and include documentation. If you have a
script that should only extract the stack executable, use something like tar
xzf stack- --strip-components=1

MinGHC installers <https://github.com/fpco/minghc/releases> have also been
updated to include this version of stack (and will continue to be updated
for future releases).

Major changes:

   - On Windows, we now use a full MSYS2 installation in place of the
   previous PortableGit. This gives you access to the pacman package manager
   for more easily installing libraries.
   - Support for custom GHC binary distributions #530
      - ghc-variant option in stack.yaml to specify the variant (also
      --ghc-variant command-line option)
      - setup-info in stack.yaml, to specify where to download custom binary
      distributions (also --ghc-bindist command-line option)
      - Note: On systems with libgmp4 (aka libgmp.so.3), such as CentOS 6,
      may need to re-run stack setup due to the centos6 GHC bindist being
      treated like a variant
   - A new --pvp-bounds flag to the sdist and upload commands allows
   automatic adding of PVP upper and/or lower bounds to your dependencies

Other enhancements:

   - Adapt to upcoming Cabal installed package identifier format change #851
   - stack setup takes a --stack-setup-yaml argument
   - --file-watch is more discerning about which files to rebuild for #912
   - stack path now supports --global-pkg-db and --ghc-package-path
   - --reconfigure flag #914
   <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/issues/914> #946
   - Cached data is written with a checksum of its structure #889
   - Fully removed --optimizations flag
   - Added --cabal-verbose flag
   - Added --file-watch-poll flag for polling instead of using filesystem
   events (useful for running tests in a Docker container while modifying code
   in the host environment. When code is injected into the container via a
   volume, the container won’t propagate filesystem events).
   - Give a preemptive error message when -prof is given as a GHC option
   #1015 <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/issues/1015>
   - Locking is now optional, and will be turned on by setting the
   STACK_LOCK environment variable to true #950
   - Create default stack.yaml with documentation comments and commented
   out options #226 <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/issues/226>
   - Out of memory warning if Cabal exits with -9 #947

Bug fixes:

   - Hacky workaround for optparse-applicative issue with stack exec --help
   #806 <https://github.com/commercialhaskell/stack/issues/806>
   - Build executables for local extra deps #920
   - copyFile can’t handle directories #942
   - Support for spaces in Haddock interface files fpco/minghc#85
   - Temporarily building against a “shadowing” local package? #992
   - Fix Setup.exe name for —upgrade-cabal on Windows #1002
   - Unlisted dependencies no longer trigger extraneous second build #838

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