[Haskell-cafe] emacs haskell-mode with cabal exec, test suite sections

Sebastian Wiesner swiesner at lunaryorn.com
Tue Sep 8 17:26:10 UTC 2015

> Am 06.09.2015 um 22:58 schrieb Stuart Popejoy <spopejoy at panix.com>:
> I'm having trouble coding test-suite and executable sections with
> the emacs REPL and flycheck.
> 1. cabal-repl can compile against the library code, but fails to see any modules within the non-library section.
> 2. flycheck has the opposite problem: it fails on library module imports but recognizes imports local to the section.
> Note I don't always have these issues, but they seem to crop up whenever I upgrade GHC, or emacs, or haskell-mode, flycheck-haskell etc.
> I'm not sure #1 ever works, but #2 is happening to me on my mac, but not at work on Linux.
> For #1, in the past I've tried a big .dir-locals.el to use `ghci` for the repl and just import everything -- of course losing the nice cabal integration, plus it being slow as molasses to load source files.
> I also briefly investigated modifying haskell-mode to support separate sessions for a given section.
> For #2, flycheck is just a pain to debug, my only recourse is to stick debug output into `flycheck-start-command-checker` to see what commands are going out, and try to troubleshoot.

Do you know about `C-c ! C-c`/`M-x flycheck-compile`?  This shows the command that Flycheck would use and the output it produces.

Can you show your Flycheck/Haskell setup for Emacs, and try to provide more specific details about the errors you see?  At best, please include the output of the above command.


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