[Haskell-cafe] Bullet bindings with Bullet 2.83

Sven Bartscher sven.bartscher at weltraumschlangen.de
Sat Sep 5 15:27:11 UTC 2015


I'm trying to get the bullet binding working with Bullet 2.83.5.
I installed libbullet-dev 2.83.5 from the Debian testing archive (I'm
running Debian Stretch) and installed the Haskell binding
(with cabal install --enable-documentation).

Compiling the example results in a bunch of undefined reference errors
like this:

undefined reference to

I guess this is because, the Debian package doesn't come with a static
bullet libary, so I tried to compile it with dynamic libraries (with
the -dynamic flag), but it just fails with other undefined references.

The installation instructions for the Bullet binding say, it works with
Bullet 2.73, so I'm afraid this is some version incompatibility.

Does anyone know, how to get the binding working with Bullet 2.83 or
what other causes the missing symbols can have?

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