[Haskell-cafe] Vote/comment on usability survey feedback

Rick Dzekman rickdzekman at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 21:44:41 UTC 2015


Over 100 people responded to the Hackage usability survey. For a
qualitative survey this was far more than expected so thank you all for
contributing. I'm still going through the responses and will post a csv of
the combined web, email and reddit responses soon.

*Vote and comment*

In the meantime I went through and collated all of the gripes and
suggestions people made into two Trello boards:

Suggestions board:

Issues & bugs board: https://trello.com/b/8YSJ5XYV/hackage-usability-issues

If you have a Trello account (it's free to register) you can comment and
vote on issues. *Please vote on the issues/suggestions you think are the
best or most important*. Feel free to make any relevant comments on the
cards as well.

To vote simply open the card, look in the "Actions" section and select
vote. That's it.

If reading through the suggestions/issues makes you think of something new
simply comment on the very top card and I can add your new suggestion to
the list.

*What happens next?*

There are two things that I want to achieve:

1. Come up with a list of simple, easy to implement changes that can be
done on Hackage/Haddocks
2. Come up with wireframes for a potential future state of Hackage that the
community can comment on / contribute to, which encompasses everything
learned from the survey

Not every suggestion is going to be feasible regardless of how popular it
is. Additionally, any suggestions which are feasible have to be implemented
by someone. The more enthusiasm there is behind an idea (or issue) the more
likely we are to see progress.
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