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Daniel Díaz Casanueva dhelta.diaz at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 16:33:53 UTC 2015

Dear Haskell users,

I just released a new version of haskintex, the program that runs Haskell
code inside LaTeX documents.


# More about haskintex

For those who don't know the program yet, _haskintex_ is a tool that
executes Haskell code inside LaTeX documents, creating a new LaTeX document
where each Haskell expression has been replaced by its result. Furthermore,
since haskintex has a special command for using the HaTeX library, you will
be able to write Haskell code that generates LaTeX code. Find more details
in the haskintex documentation page:


# What's new?

One of the main issues when evaluating Haskell code with haskintex was that
haskintex was not aware of sandbox environments, so it had to rely on user
or global package databases. From version, haskintex can now detect
and use sandbox package databases, with no additional effort required from
you. The -nosandbox flag has been added in case you still want the old

Another addition is the -autotexy flag. Without the flag, every expression
contained in a \hatex command is required to have type LaTeX. When the flag
is enabled, this restriction is relaxed to any type that is an instance of
the Texy typeclass. This typeclass contains instances for types that can be
rendered to LaTeX syntax. Could be some text, numbers, or even matrices.
You can create your own instances too.

Suggestions, bugs, questions? Head to the haskintex issue tracker:


Happy texing,
Daniel Díaz.
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