[Haskell-cafe] Well-typed design issue

Alex alex323 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 13:48:52 UTC 2015


I am implementing a high-level protocol which requires the use of
various cryptographic primitives. I have the following goals in mind:

1. Allow others to extend the library to use different underlying
crypto implementations, ciphers, curves, etc, and
2. Have the library be well-typed so that cryptographic operations are
unambiguous, leading to code which can be easily audited.

According to the spec, the user is allowed to instantiate the protocol
with any combination of supported ciphers and curves, but the
high-level operations always remain the same regardless of what
primitives are used. 

Pursuant to the above goals, I've defined two typeclasses, "Cipher" and
"Curve". I'm using TypeFamilies to facilitate the creation of data
types that are independent of the underlying crypto library.

The Cipher typeclass is as follows:

class Cipher c
  data Ciphertext   c :: *                                                                     
  data SymmetricKey c :: *                                                                     
  data Nonce        c :: *                                                                     
  data Digest       c :: *                                                                     
  cipherName       :: c -> ByteString
  cipherEncrypt    :: SymmetricKey c -> Nonce c -> AssocData -> Plaintext -> Ciphertext c
  cipherDecrypt    :: SymmetricKey c -> Nonce c -> AssocData -> Ciphertext c -> Maybe Plaintext
  cipherZeroNonce  :: Nonce c        
  cipherIncNonce   :: Nonce c -> Nonce c                         
  cipherGetKey     :: SymmetricKey c -> Nonce c -> SymmetricKey c
  cipherHashToKey  :: Digest c -> SymmetricKey c
  cipherHashToAD   :: Digest c -> AssocData
  cipherHash       :: ScrubbedBytes -> Digest c
  cipherConcatHash :: Digest c -> ScrubbedBytes -> Digest c
  cipherHMAC       :: SymmetricKey c -> ScrubbedBytes -> Digest c
newtype Plaintext = Plaintext ScrubbedBytes
newtype AssocData = AssocData ScrubbedBytes

Unfortunately, the spec as written assumes that all variables are blobs
of bytes. The issue I'm running in to is that, in my goal to have
everything well-typed, my typeclasses are filling up with conversion
functions like "cipherHashToKey" and "cipherHashToAD". These type
conversions are necessary because I'm required to compute values like
"HMAC-HASH(GETKEY(k, n), data)" (which returns "Digest c") and assign
it to a variable whose type is "SymmetricKey c" (hence the need for

Is all my effort to write a well-typed library being done in vain?
Should I just give up and have all the functions use ByteStrings?


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