[Haskell-cafe] Teaching haskell at the 42 french school

Quentin Le Guennec quentin.leguennec1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 19:37:49 UTC 2015

Hi, as an introduction, it would be a good advice to first look, if you did
not heard of it yet, at what the 42 school is:
*"unique pedagogical approach and accessibility to all, completely free of
charge, 42 is the most daring response yet to the challenge of
information-technology skill development", "**Innovative teaching methods
in technology training: Peer-to-Peer learning"*)

​The school aims to teach a general knowledge of computer science, but does
not provide a Haskell course yet. ​The exercices and projects are built by
students, for students. I love haskell and I'd be really happy to teach
that wonderful language, and I'd love to hear your suggestions. I was
thinking of the haskell's hard learning way. (I gotta say, the school's
pedagogy is pretty sadistic).

   - Recode List, (,), Either, Maybe and their
   functor/applicative/monad/etc instances (implying recode those data types
   - String manipulation (basically recode Data.List). Any ideas for
   prevent students from just copy pasting the hackage code source?
   - Red black trees are fun, aren't they?
   - Some kind of AI to solve, for example, Rubik's cube

One other thing, this may be very sadistic, but I would like to ask what do
you think of allowing ONLY pointfree? It may end-up by having different
answers and promote beautiful and concise code. Please expose your ideas,
everything is feasible, bonus added to traps, hard to solve problems, and
everything that may lead the student to think a lot.


Quentin Le Guennec
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