[Haskell-cafe] Fwd: Fwd: Compatibility etiquette for apps, with cabal sandboxes and `stack`

Imants Cekusins imantc at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 21:03:14 UTC 2015

> In the exporting library? In the importing library?

Well, in both places. Basically, similar part of namespace guarantees that
api is the same below.

If api (or code) changed, then it will lead to  a different result.

As consumer of a library, you'd refer to exactly the version you used while
developing. This exact same version would be pulled in alongside other
versions of the same library, used in other parts of a large app.

It may lead to code duplication and larger binaries however it would
essentially give you a sandbox with very little effort.

>> also, why not publish less frequently?

> Could you explain this in more detail, please? I don't seem to understand
what you're proposing... :-/

Well, let's say I am working on a library. Tempting as it is to release the
first draft, I'd first use this fresh library in a few places, catch some
bugs, fix them, and then release.

Because this takes time, this library would see very few releases per year.

It would be less likely to cause multiple  version conflict.
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