[Haskell-cafe] Haskell positions in Moscow, Positive Technologies

Kosyrev Serge skosyrev at ptsecurity.com
Wed Nov 4 15:42:29 UTC 2015

Good day!

The Moscow office of Positive Technologies (http://ptsecurity.com)
seeks Haskell developers with strong C background, as part of an effort
to develop a next-generation (of course!) democratic security platform.

Think widely available, easy-to-use, dramatically enhanced security.

If this kind of thing feels motivating, please send your resume
to career at ptsecurity.com and CC skosyrev at ptsecurity.com.

 Senior Software Engineer

Vague description:
 - bare-metal, kernel, userland development

Required experience:
 - C programming
 - experience of applying GHC in FFI-heavy context
 - experience with kernel development (some of Linux, Windows, Darwin)
 - experience writing resource-efficient Haskell code
 - experience with parallelism
 - taming laziness
 - taming the GC (desirable)
 - experience with the Intel system platform (desirable)
 - some knowledge of GHC runtime internals (desirable)

Kosyrev Serge
Habr: http://habr.ru/company/pt
Twitter: @ptsecurity https://twitter.com/ptsecurity

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