[Haskell-cafe] simple library for HTML form generation and processing

Henning Thielemann lemming at henning-thielemann.de
Mon Nov 2 17:04:30 UTC 2015

I posted the following already to web-devel at haskell.org but it seems to be 
relatively quiet there.


I like to get your advice about a simple library for web form generation and 
processing. So far I tried digestive-functors and reform. Both of them are 
advertised as being good in separating data from view. However, I am interested 
in one-off forms, that is, form data will always be rendered in one way. Thus I 
would like to save the efforts to combine data and view after they have been 
carefully separated.

Formerly I have also used autolib-cgi:

It allowed me to generate the form and fetch and validate the data in one 
(monadic) go. The blaze-markup type MarkupM is a monad anyway, thus it seems to 
be straight-forward to use the monadic results for the data entered to the 

Is there a library that supports this style of web form handling?

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