[Haskell-cafe] process package with compilers besides GHC

Michael Snoyman michael at snoyman.com
Mon Nov 2 16:10:09 UTC 2015

I'm currently in the process* of a cleanup of the process package to reduce
the usage of CPP conditionals in the code. Currently, as Simon PJ pointed
out, it's quite difficult to follow the logic between Windows and POSIX
platforms. During the cleanup, I've noticed that:

1. There's also quite a bit of complication around the __GLASGOW_HASKELL__
conditionals, intended to make the package compilable with other compilers
2. There seems to be no way that - in its current state - the package could
be compilable with a compiler besides GHC

I wanted to reach out and see if anyone is currently using the process
package on a compiler besides GHC, and if so, get information on whether
recent releases also work, and get some kind of automated testing in place
to prevent regressions. If there are no such users, I'm likely to remove
the (presumably non-working) conditionals.

* No pun intend
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