[Haskell-cafe] help with glfw seg-fault

briand at aracnet.com briand at aracnet.com
Fri May 29 04:32:30 UTC 2015

On Tue, 26 May 2015 14:34:16 +0900
"Daniel P. Wright" <dani at dpwright.com> wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> Have you checked for / output any GL errors that happen before you call swapBuffers? I have a function printErrors (as defined here http://dpwright.com/posts/2015/03/25/the-haskell-gl-package/#error-handling-utilities ) which I scatter around when things go wrong to try and find the root cause...

bug report! 

  m@(~(Just w)) <- createWindow 400 400 "Title" Nothing Nothing
  when (isNothing m) (error "Couldn't create window!")  

  GLFW.makeContextCurrent m

then no seg-faults.


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