[Haskell-cafe] Type inference doesn't always calculate the most generic type?

Christophe Delord haskell at cdsoft.fr
Thu May 28 20:54:38 UTC 2015


I'm new here. Sorry if this question has already been asked.

I have noticed something strange about type inference.

Prelude> :t abs
abs :: Num a => a -> a
Prelude> let mapabs = map abs
Prelude> :t mapabs
mapabs :: [Integer] -> [Integer]
Prelude> :t (map abs)
(map abs) :: Num b => [b] -> [b]

I think that "mapabs" and "map abs" should have the same generic type.

In a program I can force the type like this:

mapabs = map abs

mapabs' :: (Num a) => [a] -> [a]
mapabs' = map abs

but mapabs still have the type [Integer] -> [Integer]

Are there any reason for this?

Christophe Delord.

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