[Haskell-cafe] pqueue - repository and maintainer (taking over)

lennart spitzner lsp at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Wed May 27 20:01:11 UTC 2015


Regarding the pqueue package:

1) Does anyone have any (additional) contact details for the current
maintainer/author, Louis Wasserman?
2) Is the package's repository available anywhere? The darcs link
listed in the package 404s.
3) I would be willing to take over for basic maintenance if the
current maintainer is unavailable.

The pqueue package does not compile with ghc-7.10. Fixing requires
just some quick changes (i have a working version locally). The last
upload for the package is from 2012, but the author's github account
lowasser shows some more recent activity. Yet I have not received a
reply to my e-mail from six weeks ago.


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