[Haskell-cafe] Taking over protocol-buffers package

Kostiantyn Rybnikov k-bx at k-bx.com
Wed May 27 14:32:12 UTC 2015

Hi Chris and Cafe!

I've sent Chris an email couple days ago, this is another one to have
haskell-cafe CCed in order to request maintainership of protocol-buffers

Stefan Wehr actually tried to contact Chris long time ago, and thus you can
see current "riak" package depends upon protocol-buffers-fork package,
created to add support for GHC 7.8.

I'd like to incorporate work from protocol-buffers-fork, add support for
GHC 7.10, and also move project to GitHub and add some README with at least
basic tutorial.

Thanks! Awaiting few weeks now :)
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