[Haskell-cafe] Transforming ASTs

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Fri May 15 16:08:43 UTC 2015

This might be a duplicated message. The first time I posted it I  had not 
subscribed to haskell cafe.

Suppose the following data type for encoding Boolean expressions:

data BExpr  a = BTrue
              | BFalse
              | Id String
              | Not a
              | And a a
              | Or  a a
              | BEq a a
          deriving (Functor)
type Expr = Fix BExpr

It is easy to produce a string representation of an expression or evaluate 

estr :: BExpr String -> String
eval :: BExpr Bool  -> Bool

with the cata function from Data.Functor.Fixedpoint.

Could you suggest a solution for transforming trees encoded as Exp into 
equivalent Expr (e.g Not Not a ~> a)?
cata does not work since it expects a function f a -> a while a 
transformation would be f a -> f a.
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