[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] servant 0.4.0 released (+new website)

Alp Mestanogullari alpmestan at gmail.com
Sun May 10 12:38:13 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

We're happy to announce the releases of:

- servant 0.4.0
- servant-server 0.4.0
- servant-client 0.4.0
- servant-jquery 0.4.0
- servant-docs 0.4.0
- servant-blaze 0.4.0
- servant-lucid 0.4.0

to Hackage.

As well as a new website, same URL as before:
http://haskell-servant.github.io/ -- which features a tutorial that's much
more informative than the getting started we had for the previous version.
The tutorial is available at http://haskell-servant.github.io/tutorial

The highlights for this release are:
- Multiple content-types support (with servant-blaze and servant-lucid
offering a way to encode data for the HTML content type)
- Handlers in other monads than `EitherT`
- Response headers support
- Safe links to endpoints
- Saner types for aborting early in request handlers (the `Left` branch in

For more details about the new features, please read the release post:


Alp Mestanogullari
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