[Haskell-cafe] Where is Haskell Weekly News syndicated?

Semen Trygubenko / Семен Тригубенко semen at trygub.com
Sun Mar 15 14:55:24 UTC 2015

On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 01:31:59AM -0700, Jeremy wrote:
> Kim-Ee Yeoh-2 wrote
> > As editor, I can assure you that the news will always have the subject
> > "Haskell Weekly News" and will always be published on the low-volume
> > haskell@ list, so setting your email filters is the best bet for now.
> Issue 320 appears to be on cafe, but not the top-level haskell list. If this
> was an oversight,

It went to both. However, I was not subscribed to haskell at haskell.org
at that time and mailer rejected it.

> it underscores the need to post to a more capable
> publishing platform (such as a blog), which can then email to the lists.

Please bear with us — we are spinning the tools up.
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