[Haskell-cafe] install 7.8.4 64 bits on arch linux

Lars Hupel lars at hupel.info
Fri Mar 13 16:39:55 UTC 2015

> I want to upgrade from 7.8.3 32 bits to 7.8.4 64 bits on Arch Linux. So I
> removed ghc, cabal etc and followed the instruction at:

Arch user here. Did you try without the additional repository? As far as
I can tell, all required packages are already in [extra] and [community]
(even 'haddock' is there).

> http://sapiengames.com/2014/04/05/install-haskell-platform-arch-linux/

I would advise to not follow this article. You should not 'sudo cabal
install' anything.


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