[Haskell-cafe] Where is Haskell Weekly News syndicated?

Kim-Ee Yeoh ky3 at atamo.com
Thu Mar 12 02:36:30 UTC 2015

An update on the Tumblr for HWN experiment:

Tumblr's email gateway is supposed to support markdown, although the latter
already requires additional work on my part. However, their parsing doesn't
understand links mangled by mail agents that enforce the 70-character
wraparound rule.

I've even tried using a *nix command-line mail that allows arbitrarily long
lines. I now discover that Tumblr chokes on anchor tags like this:
http://some.where/link#anchor and parses #anchor as a Tumblr-specific
entry-classification tag.

Why oh why can't Tumblr take in HTML-ized email and Do The Right Thing.

The short of it is that I've blown my HWN time budget trying to make rss
work via Tumblr.

I ask that you and anyone else inconvenienced by the absence of syndication
to use workarounds for now.

If I find more spare time next month, I'll experiment further.

p.s. Any assistance on HWN is always welcome.

-- Kim-Ee

On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 12:57 AM, Kim-Ee Yeoh <ky3 at atamo.com> wrote:

> You can get RSS from tumblr at least so that would qualify :-)
> Yes, my thoughts precisely.
>> I haven't tried the e-mail feature, but I think you don't have to
>> configure anything else to get it working.
> Let's see how it turns out.
> -- Kim-Ee
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