[Haskell-cafe] ghc -O2 out of memory

Kees Bleijenberg K.Bleijenberg at lijbrandt.nl
Tue Mar 10 07:44:05 UTC 2015



Thank you.

My assumption was that 7.8.3 is 32 bits and 7.8.4 is 64 bits. I got this idea from reading https://github.com/fpco/minghc#readme




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Onderwerp: Re: [Haskell-cafe] ghc -O2 out of memory


there SHOULD be a 32bit 7.8.4 build available somewhere for windows, and if not , thats a real problem! I'm gonna shift this thread to ghc-devs, because that *should* get addressed

@ghc-devs, how can we help this user get ahold of a 32bit windows 7.8.4 build? (eg, why do we not have one available yet?)



On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 4:13 AM, Kees Bleijenberg <K.Bleijenberg at lijbrandt.nl> wrote:

Thanks for your answer. 

I also use ghc to create 32 bits dll’s. 7.8.4 is 64 bits GHC and can’t create 32 bits dll’s (?). This means I have to install 7.8.3 and 7.8.4 on the same Windows machine. Is this possible? 


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