[Haskell-cafe] shakespeare >= 2.0.2 fails to install in OS X 10.6.8, Haskell-platform 2014.2.0.0; cabal-install

Miguel A. Santos miguel.a.santos.l at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 17:38:42 UTC 2015

(I already sent a comment on the Shakespeare site but couldn't get too far.
So, if this isn't the right place for this issue, I'd appreciate you point
me to
the right one.)

I can't install yesod.
Doing a cabal install yesod-bin or cabal install yesod fails because it
fails to build shakespeare.

I tried with all versions of shapeare >= 2.0, as required by yesod-bin.
Below are all outputs.

My environment:

    OS X 10.6.8, Xcode 3.2
    Haskell-platform 2014.2.0.0
    cabal-install using version of the Cabal library.

This corresponds to a fresh install of the HP, ghc, and cabal I didn't
before trying to install yesod.

The developer of Shakespeare suspects that be a bug of HP and suggested I
try a clean install of GHC as explained in
However, the bindist available there doesn't work with my OS 10.6.8

I have a large screen output from those trials that you can check on the
Shakespeare github page corresponding to the thread I started there

If you prefer, I can paste it here as well.

Thanks in advance.

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