[Haskell-cafe] ANN: TestExplode testscript generator for all target languages

Hans-Juergen Guth lists0 at freea2a.de
Sat Jun 13 23:46:39 UTC 2015

My new Haskell program/library is released!

What it does:
Instead of writing one test-script after another, you define the
structure of test-sets.

More test-scripts with less code, better overview, easier review of the
testcases, easier change and addition of testcases. 

TestExplode generates testcases out of program snippets. The snippets
are treated as text, with variables, that are subsituted (thanks the
package perl6-interpolated-strings).

The text-snippets are annotated and can form a directed acyclic graph.
Each path and each variable substitution is a testcase.

Subgraphs can be defined and used in many testcases.

The graph can be printed with graphviz.

The expected results of the testcase can partially defined by changing
the state of the testcase by each testsnippet. So you can define a
state-machine in haskell and the annotations to the text-snippets give
the input to the state-machine, dependant of the test-input and which
path through the graph is chosen.

The program/library is designed with users in mind, who have little or
no knowledge of haskell at the beginning. It's my first bigger haskell
program, so it is probably relativ simple haskell code in the library
and in the user interface. Examples can be found in the documentation.

Further info:
A "Getting Started":

The Library which generates the testcases

The Library which makes FGL-Graphs for the module grahpviz out of my
own definition of directed acyclic graphs

I would be happy about comments!

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