[Haskell-cafe] haskell team at megacorp is hiring!

Carter Schonwald carter.schonwald at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 02:49:51 UTC 2015

Dear Haskell Colleagues,
my team at megacorp, one of the largest for profit organizations on the
planet, is looking to grow!

about the haskell team:
currently 3 engineers, though a 4th on the way already, in the past 6
months alone we've deployed customer facing APIs into production (no small
feat in megacorp), built self serve generative sampling based data
anonymization tools that promise to transform how megacorp customer data
gets shared within and without. And thats just to start! We've repeatedly
demonstrated that our use of haskell helps us develop and evolve great
software for the business.

the haskell team is part of a larger "new product / R&D" group whose
mission is to build new tools, products and services to help pull megacorp
kicking and screaming into the 2010's in terms of technology and services.
The new product group is broadly seeking competent thoughtful technologists
across a range of skill sets -- frontend, python, java, and haskell -- to
join the engineering team. (so even if you're not the perfect fit for the
team, we may know great folks we can point you to)

*The Perks*
*• *our management fully supports upstreaming bugfixes and improvements to
the open source tools that we use
• amazing view out of our Brooklyn and/or NYC offices (you will need to be
in NYC to work with us, though I believe we can help with relocation)
• by dint of the sheer scale of megacorp, every successful project will
have pretty huge impact
• because we're awesome, we will make sure you get your own mac along with
the standard megacorp workstation.
• picking a new project to work on every 3-6 months is the norm, owing to
our role as a sort of prototyping / R&D group.

*The Caveats*
• it is megacorp, its a huge organization, and while the new product group
is shielded from a lot of that, it can still be overwhelming
• you will have to live somewhere within commuting distance of Brooklyn New
• you have to deal with me and a few other interesting colleagues on a
daily basis.

*Should you apply?*
• we welcome candidates of all experience levels, junior or senior.
• we'd love it if you have some portfolio work/open source/work experience
that demonstrates your ability to tackle engineering projects headon or
master some nontrivial technical problem domain.
• colleagues who take teaching/learning new things seriously
• you'd enjoy working out of Brooklyn NYC.
• you enjoy programming / software engineering and try to do it well.

*how to apply*
•*email me with the subject "functional megacorp job"*, attaching your
resume/cv and if you want, a teeny cover letter that articulates your
unique strengths and interests as a professional software engineer.
•I can tell you more about the company and team via email. I or another
member of the engineering team will be screening resumes first before
kicking off any interview processes, so there will not be any HR limbo
going on. Every email will get a reply.

(NB: actual org name is easy to figure out with some googling, but for
various reasons cannot be used publicly by its employees without an
authorization process that befits a megacorp)

also megacorp is  is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer
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