[Haskell-cafe] very general directed hypergraphs over text

Jeffrey Brown jeffbrown.the at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 06:19:45 UTC 2015

I'm writing a graph class that generalizes the traditional mathematical
graph: Nodes can be statements or relationships, and relationships
("edges") can involve any number of nodes, including other relationships.
[1] describes the motivation in a little more detail.

[2] explains the idea behind the major types -- Graph, Node, Stmt, and Rel.

Of the .hs files in the project, at this time I believe only the primary
one, Dwt.hs [3], deserves your attention.  It is only about 100 lines of

I am interested in any kind of feedback at all, no matter how minute in
detail or expansive in scope.

[4] lists what I already think might be likely problems and solutions. In
particular I wonder whether I should interpret these two patterns:
  "case ni of Rel -> .. Stmt -> .."
  "if (Maybe.isJust nMb) ... else error ..."
as signs that I'm not completely solving the problem.

I suspect it might be helpful to make the graph operations Maybe or Either,
and use <|> on them -- but while I can monkey those words, I don't really
know what I'm saying.


Thank you,
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