[Haskell-cafe] Problems with type families

Silvio Frischknecht silvio.frischi at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 03:30:58 UTC 2015

> type instance TFunIn DoubleT e = (Signal e, Signal e)

I give up. I'm not sure it's possible to tell to the compiler that when
using transform function (the IdT version in the implementation of
ComposeT) that it should use the one with the same e. Not sure it's
possible. Anyway a workaround would be.

class SignalT t e
        transform :: e -> t -> TFunIn t e -> TFunOut t e

instance (
    SignalT t1 e,
    SignalT t2 e,
    TFunOut t2 e ~ TFunIn t1 e
    ) => SignalT (ComposeT t1 t2) e
        transform _ _ x =
            (transform (undefined :: e) (undefined :: t1))
            (transform (undefined :: e) (undefined :: t2))
            (x :: TFunIn (ComposeT t1 t2) e)

But you could save your self a lot of hurt by just using

newtype DoubleSignal a = DoubleSignal (Signal a, Signal a)

you could even remove the e from the SignalT class.


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