[Haskell-cafe] Fwd: Efficient records with arbitrarily many fields [was: Extensible states]

Frank Staals frank at fstaals.net
Mon Jul 6 07:51:45 UTC 2015

Alexander V Vershilov <alexander.vershilov at gmail.com> writes:

> Not sure that it will make sense for a cafe level, but here is my
> understanding of the current state. For the problem of "anonymous
> records", i.e. some datatype that may have different fields and their
> types we have following appoaches:
> 1. vinyl/hlist/etc. i.e. GADT base heterogeneous list. This one have
> O(N) random access and may not be a good fit for "anonymous record"
> use case
> 2. records: polymorphic data structures with type-level information
> about field names. Here we have a lot of datastructures one per number
> of fields multiply on 2 (lazy and strict variant). This one has O(1) random
> access.
> 3. fixed-vector-hetero/"wheel above". array based structures has O(1) access.
> I call code above a "wheel" because there were a number of similar
> implementations here and there.

Somehow I feel the most promissing approach is missing from this list:
The 'Just do it while compiling!' paper[1] describes how to get O(log n)
query and update, by essentially using heterogeneous binomial trees. I
think I also saw some haskell implementation in a github gist somewhere,
but I could not find the link at the momement.

Having said that. I think the Big-O notation used here is misleading,
since in 99.999% of all cases we have constant-sized records. Therefore,
all approaches give O(1) access/update in these cases. If one really
want to know what is fastest benchmarking is the only way to go here.


[1] http://www.fing.edu.uy/~mviera/papers/pepm13.pdf


- Frank

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