[Haskell-cafe] hs-fltk build fails

Jeremy Henty onepoint at starurchin.org
Fri Jan 23 11:40:40 UTC 2015

briand at aracnet.com wrote:

> Jeremy Henty <onepoint at starurchin.org> wrote:
> > I am building with " cabal sandbox init ; cabal install hs-fltk ".
> > Logs attached.  Any advice?
> The only problem i  had (other than i was missing  a lot of graphics
> libraries) was  needing to use  fltk 1.3.3.

I already use fltk 1.3.3. :-(

> There's a link on the instruction page.

Which page?  I can't see it on  the hackage project page and the "Home
Page" link there gives me "Page not found".  :-( :-(

The *.cabal  says "tested with:  GHC==6.8.2".  I am using  GHC-7.8.4 .
The error  message suggests enabling FlexibleInstances  which isn't in
the *.cabal or the *.hs .


Jeremy Henty

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