[Haskell-cafe] threepenny-gui: garbage collection

Heinrich Apfelmus apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Mon Jan 5 17:31:57 UTC 2015

Tom Ellis wrote:
> Heinrich Apfelmus wrote:
>> Tom Ellis wrote:
>>> Suppose that each time I make a particular threepenny-gui widget, call it a
>>> `Foo`, I register an event handler using `on` so that the `Foo` can change
>>> its appearance based on some `Event`.
>>> Suppose I create, show, and hide a billion `Foo`s, each one never to be
>>> shown again.  Can they be garbage collected?  Presumably there is something
>>> storing the callback that was registered for the `Event` and the callback
>>> refers to the `Foo`.  How then can the `Foo`s be freed?
>>> [..]
>> This is a classic example of a circular reference that occurs in
>> every GUI program: A widget keeps a reference to an event handler,
>> which in turn keeps a reference to the widget.
> Hi Heinrich, thanks for your reply.
> Actually I don't think I am thinking of a circular reference problem.  The
> problem I am envisaging is that the `Event` keeps a reference to the event
> handler which in turn keeps a reference to the widget.  Thus it is hard to
> see how the widget can be freed before the `Event`.  A quick Google shows
> this indeed a common problem in GUI programming, e.g.
>     http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4526829/why-and-how-to-avoid-event-handler-memory-leaks

Consider this: Who keeps a reference to the `Event`?

(If no one keeps a reference to the `Event`, then it can be garbage 
collected, and so can the event handler and the widget.)

> Is my understanding correct, or is my model of how `Event`s work in
> threepenny-gui wrong?
>> Of course, GHC's has a well-designed garbage collector that can
>> handle this, but in Threepenny, the situation is actually worse: the
>> widget is managed by the JavaScript runtime, whereas the event
>> handler is managed by the Haskell runtime. I don't know any garbage
>> collector that can resolve cross-runtime circular dependencies.
> I haven't managed to understand the issue here.  Could you say a bit more
> about that?  It sounds interesting!  I don't think it's related to my
> concern though, but if it is that would also be interesting.

The issue is still that there is a circular dependency

   widget -> Event -> event handler -> widget

Now, this wouldn't be a problem if all these references were managed by 
GHC. Our beloved Haskell compiler can handle circular references just 
fine, they will be garbage collected at once whenever there is no more 
"outside" reference to the whole cycle.

The real issue, which is specific to Threepenny, is that not all 
references are managed by GHC. Instead, some are managed by the 
JavaScript engine in the browser. In other words, the circular 
dependency crosses language boundaries -- and now it becomes hard to 
garbage collect it.

Best regards,
Heinrich Apfelmus


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