[Haskell-cafe] ANN: git-vogue - a pre-commit check framework for haskell code quality

Christian Marie christian at ponies.io
Mon Jan 5 05:12:20 UTC 2015

There are no standards in the Haskell community when it comes to IDEs and
editors. As such we've found ourselves without a common benchmark for linting,
formatting and code quality checks.

Within our development team at Anchor, we wanted a tool that would:

* Install in one command
* Require nothing to be learned for a new developer
* Tell that developer what they need to fix in the code that they modify.

We wanted to to satisfy these needs, whilst saving developers from the drudgery
of installing, configuring and running a suite of tools independently.

Let's face it, if it's difficult to run the formatters and linters and not a
part of your established work flow, some developers just aren't going to
We built such a tool:


To install and configure, just:

	cabal install git-vogue
	# Wait 15 minutes

	cd your-project
	git vogue init

All staged files will now be checked on pre-commit. If you wish to check the
whole repo:

	git vogue check --all

You can automatically apply stylish-haskell fixes to staged files:

	git vouge fix

Or the whole repo:

	git vogue fix --all

Thank you to thsutton, groberts, oswynb, glasnt, tranma, barneydesmond and sio
for your development efforts, and everyone who has taken the time to test and
provide feedback.
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