[Haskell-cafe] ANN: diagrams-hsqml - a Qt5, QtQuick Canvas backend

Marcin Mrotek marcin.jan.mrotek at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 20:41:24 UTC 2015


I wrote a Diagrams backend that paints on QtQuick (Qt5) canvases
through HsQML. It's somewhat half-baked at this point and I haven't
fully tested it, but it's good enough for my puroposes (rendering
charts through Chart-diagrams) and I have more urgent things to do
right now, so I decided to release it as it is.


There's one bug I already know of but have no idea how to fix; namely
when rendering charts from Chart-diagrams all text is fully filled,
with a properly rendered black tex laid on top of it. This can be
worked around by setting the font colour to transparent.

Bug reports and help in improving the backend by all means welcome.

Best regards,
Marcin Mrotek

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