[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] hoodle 0.4

Ian-Woo Kim ianwookim at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 14:04:02 UTC 2015

Hi, Haskellers!

I am happy to announce a new version of hoodle that I uploaded to
hackage right now. The newest version is 0.4.

Hoodle is a pen notetaking program developed in haskell using gtk2hs.
You can find relevant information here: http://ianwookim.org/hoodle

If all the dependencies are correctly installed (hoodle has rather big
dependencies though), the installation of hoodle should be easily
doable by cabal install hoodle. I am managing hoodle in nix package
repository, so nix users can also easily install hoodle by nix command
once after nix expression in nixpkgs is updated.

The major change in this update is *tabbed* interface! Like modern web
browsers, you can open multiple hoodle files in one hoodle window and
navigate them using tabs.

Internally, I improved its rendering engine quite much. Now it has a
fully asynchronous renderer, which enables a faster change of zoom
ratio using cached image and then update rendering later more
precisely. This improves display performance from user's point of view
a lot.

I also made a support for synchronisation and shared documents in
association with a web service which I am now preparing for.  By
default, it is turned off, so all network-related dependencies for
that will not be required unless turned on by -fhub flag. In addition,
I also made dyre (dynamic reloading as xmonad and yi) opt-in, so you
need to use -fdyre if you want to have the feature.

Now hoodle is being migrated to gtk3 though this version will not
support gtk3 fully yet. I plan to migrate hoodle to gtk3 fully and use
gtk3 exclusively in the next version, so this version will be the last
gtk2 version. Once this is done, a multi-touch support will be
enabled. (and also hoodle will be able to live in wayland, too!)

Enjoy hoodle and please bug me if you have any issues.
Thank you!

Ian-Woo Kim

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