[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Lambdabot 5.0

Bertram Felgenhauer bertram.felgenhauer at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 22 19:36:11 UTC 2015

Dear Haskell users,

after a long hiatus, I'm pleased to announce that we have just released
Lambdabot 5.0 on hackage. Lambdabot is an IRC bot that can also be used
offline; it provides tools for querying information about and even for
producing Haskell code. To install it, use the following command:

  cabal install lambdabot-haskell-plugins lambdabot

(cabal install lambdabot *should* work, but instead seems to send
cabal's dependency solver onto a wild goose chase from which it
fails to return.)

* What's new

Lambdabot is now maintained by a team, currently consisting of
James Cook and me. The repository and bugtracker have moved to


The most significant change compared to lambdabot 4.3 is that lambdabot
has been refactored and split into multiple packages. As a result,
lambdabot has become easier to customize: simply edit the source files
(Main.hs and Modules.hs) in the lambdabot package, and optionally
add your own plugins. Other notable changes include

- The code snippets provided by @src have been updated. (thanks to Artyom)
- Support for IRC server authentication.
- Pinging the IRC server regularly in order to detect one-sided

There have also been many minor tweaks and bug fixes.

* What's next

There are still a number of open issues on the bugtracker, so
you can expect another release soon.

Have fun with lambdabot,

Bertram and James

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