[Haskell-cafe] wondering on Haskell kickstarter project: VST plugin / mobile synthesizer

Anton Kholomiov anton.kholomiov at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 10:03:23 UTC 2015


Thanks for detailed and sincere reply. I can see your points.
That VST/mobiles market is very crowded business and it's really
hard to compete with super giants especially when you
don't provide any significant change or creative opportunity
in the app.

So I think this project is going to be more a prove of the
concept and example that it's really possible to create
real-time audio with Haskell and wrap it in non-Haskell UI.
Hope I would manage to do the mobile version of it too some days.
I would really like to add non equal temeprament scales, I feel
that it can make a difference to the mood of the music.

Maybe it's better to look in the direction of media installations.
The Python has many cool libraries for non-trivial user interaction
like computer vision. It would be great to stream this data
in Haskell generated synthesizer. Maybe something can be created in this


2015-12-20 21:41 GMT+03:00 Evan Laforge <qdunkan at gmail.com>:

> It sounds hard to get enough interest for significant funding, because
> it's a niche of a niche.  And, at least if I am anything to go by, the
> niche is occupied by especially iconoclastic sorts.  For instance,
> even though I'm very much interested in that kind of thing, and would
> like to do something myself, I would only do it for the the purpose of
> using something better than MIDI, because there are already tons of
> MIDI using VSTs out there.  Doing something different would give an
> opportunity to easily support things that are awkward in MIDI, and
> offline incremental rendering would allow expensive synthesis and
> unlimited polyphony.  Also it would be nice to have a programmable
> sampler which is not as hilariously terrible as kontakt.
> So I wouldn't really be personally interested, unless it had some
> unique gimmick that made it more interesting than all the existing
> VSTs, or if perhaps it were about establishing low level libraries
> that would make it easier to do what I'm interested in.  In fact your
> existing work with csound-sampler is already somewhat along those
> lines since it makes all the csound stuff available with a nice
> haskell frontend.
> But even then... though I wish you luck and I do support the general
> idea of more of this kind of thing happening, software development is
> really expensive.  It seems to me pretty much the only way it can work
> is for an interested individual to do on their own for free.  Either
> that, or an established product with aiming at the most mainstream
> possible market, e.g. ardour.  And even then it will likely struggle.
> On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 3:22 AM, Anton Kholomiov
> <anton.kholomiov at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm wondering if it's good idea to make crowd-founding project
> > for  a synthesizer written in Haskell. What's your opinion?
> > Would you like to support such a project?
> >
> > I've made a prototype:
> >
> > https://github.com/anton-k/tiny-synth
> >
> > It's a desktop synthesizer, a collection of instruments. About 150
> > instruments
> > written in Haskell. It works with midi keyboard. You can try it out with
> > USB-midi device.
> >
> > The UI is written with Python and audio engine is
> > written with Haskell. I use my library csound-expression to
> > generate the code for Csound. The Csound is an audio programming language
> > it can be used as C library.  There are bindings to many languages and it
> > can work on Android / iOS.
> >
> > Right now I've made a prototype for desktop. The big plan is to
> > create VST/AU/Lv2 plugins and mobile versions for Android and iOS.
> >
> > [1] https://github.com/anton-k/tiny-synth
> > [2] http://hackage.haskell.org/package/csound-expression
> > [3] https://github.com/spell-music/csound-expression
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Anton
> >
> >
> >
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