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Sat Dec 19 13:45:24 UTC 2015

I’m using GHCi in a Haskell  version 7.10.2 and using this fragmente of coding:

data ArvBinA t = Folha t | No Int (ArvBinA t) (ArvBinA t) deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)

arvbina = No 4 (No 2 (Folha 14) (Folha 09)) (No 2 (Folha 19) (Folha 51))

tamArvBinA :: ArvBinA t -> Int
tamArvBinA (Folha x) = 1
tamArvBinA (No n xt yt) = n

rotula :: ArvBinA t -> ArvBinA t -> ArvBinA t
rotula ae ad
   = No n ae ad where n = (tamArvBinA ae) + (tamArvBinA ad)

listoArvBinA ::  (Eq t) => [t] -> ArvBinA t
listoArvBinA xs
   |m == 0    = Folha (head xs)
   |otherwise = rotula (listoArvBinA xse) (listoArvBinA xsd)
                          where  m              =  (length xs) `div` 2 
                                       (xse, xsd)  =  (take m xs,  drop m xs) 

After compiling there is this message: 

parse error on input   ‘=’. 

There is someone that he/she can help me? I think that’is na error by clause where and the offside rule, or so, but I’m not right of this.

Thanks in advance for some help

Francisco Vieira

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