[Haskell-cafe] Parallel Haskell on RPi2

spacestation at venussociety.org spacestation at venussociety.org
Wed Dec 16 14:11:33 UTC 2015

Hello to everone,

Did anybody manage to install parconc-examples on a Raspberry Pi2 without the
use of --force-reinstalls.
As it would break to many packages on my end.I tried it the way describe from
Simon Marlow s book
"Parallel and concurrent programming in haskell".
Or is there any option within cabal to seperate between new,new version and
reinstall packages listed with
pi at opencvrpi2:~/parconc-examples-master$ cabal install --only-dependencies
I m using ghc 7.4.1

Thanks for any feedback

Gottfried F. Zojer 

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