[Haskell-cafe] webdriver and click via executeJS

Denis Shevchenko haskell at dshevchenko.biz
Fri Dec 11 17:48:09 UTC 2015

Hi there!

I use `webdriver` package for test automation with PhantomJS. And I need 
to click some button, but not with a `click` function, but with a native 
JS. I see a special function for such a task, `executeJS`, in the module 
`Test.WebDriver.Commands`. So this is my code:

     button <- findElement . ById $ "clearCart"
     info <- elemInfo button
     executeJS [JSArg info] "arguments[0].click();"

But I got a runtime error:

BadJSON "when expecting a (), encountered Null instead"

How can I fix it?

- Denis
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