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A.M. agentm at themactionfaction.com
Wed Dec 2 17:51:44 UTC 2015


Project:M36 is an open-source, relational algebra engine database
management system written in Haskell. When used as a backend with other
Haskell frameworks such as yesod, Project:M36 completes a fully-Haskell
application stack.


Project:M36 adheres strongly to the relational algebra principles laid
out by Chris Date in his books and, thus, includes a TutorialD
interactive interpreter for learning about the relational algebra. Thus,
Project:M36 does not suffer from the typical type-system impedance
mismatch or SQL inconsistencies common in ORMs.

Of particular interest to Haskellers is the existentially-quantified
value type which allows any Haskell data type adhering to a set of basic
typeclasses to be used directly as a database value. This feature
includes creating database functions to operate directly on these values.

In addition, the transaction model is similar to git: instead of
continually contending for the "latest committed" state, the DBMS
maintains a transaction graph which allows for branching and time travel
to past commits.

Naturally, through the use of immutable data structures, Project:M36
opens the door for parallelization of every query.

Project:M36 includes two native Haskell interfacing libraries: a) a
driver for the "persistent" library and b) a client library which allows
direct access to the relational algebra DSLs.

Thanks for looking at Project:M36!

Best regards,
Team Project:M36

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